Just One Week Left in our Winter Special!

Just one week left in our Winter Special, BBLADES will inspect and repair your stainless steel propeller, perform lab finishing customizing the performance of your prop or cleaning up the imperfections and make sure it is balanced for just $90 an hour during the final days of our Winter Special.

Normal use of a prop can produce dings, dents, and cracks you aren’t even aware of until they affect the performance of your boat or worse you miss a weekend on the water. No matter who manufactured your propeller, BBLADES can perform whatever work you require. Propellers need to arrive no later than Feb. 29th, 2020.

BBLADES Winter Boating News 2015

BBLADES Winter Boating News

While Winter has been mild thus far in most of the U.S., it’s still winter enough to drive many of us off the water; but, who has time anyway with holiday preparations? As 2015 winds down, BBLADES Professional Propellers thanks you for making us your go–to source for all things props and your other performance set-up needs.