BBLADES Winter Boating News 2015

BBLADES Winter Boating News

While Winter has been mild thus far in most of the U.S., it’s still winter enough to drive many of us off the water; but, who has time anyway with holiday preparations? As 2015 winds down, BBLADES Professional Propellers thanks you for making us your go–to source for all things props and your other performance set-up needs.

BBLADES Boating News — Spring 2015

Spring fever usually means it’s time to start thinking about getting the boat ready, or, if you’re lucky enough to have your boat in the water and completed your shakedown cruise, to get after those nagging little things corrected before they grow bigger if ignored. BBLADES has programs in place that let you test and tweak your boats performance affordably.

BBLADES OB/F: Versatile Prop for Today’s Big Outboards

The BBLADES OB/F OB/F is perhaps the most versatile outboard propeller available.A four-blade, stainless steel wheel (14.75” diameter available in one-inch pitch increments from 21- to 32- inches and 15” diameter in one-inch increments from 33- to 37-inches), BBLADES’ OB/F features a custom-tuned exhaust tube that reduces drag, improves trim reaction and aides’ time-to-plane and top-end speed.

BBLADES Boating News — Spring 2015

Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Prop slip is the difference between actual and theoretical forward travel resulting from a propeller’s angle of attack. Too much prop slip leads to poor performance and lousy fuel economy. Too little slip can create other issues, not the least of which is destroying a drive or gear case components.