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Turbo TXP


Please call for availability before placing any Turbo orders (920)295-4435

All BBLADES lab finished propellers are satin race finished.
Some propellers are offered lab finish high polish when indicated.

Please note: This propeller does NOT come with a hub kit.
Click over to the Hub Kit section and make your appropriate hub kit selection.

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Totally X-Treme Propeller. Turbo Xtreme Performance. Call this prop what you want but when it comes down to it, it’s all about being a high-performance go-fast prop. The engineers at Turbo have a need for speed and they made sure that the TXP would fulfill those desires. The TXP series of propellers was specifically built for very light go-fast style boats. These props are designed for those boats that use high engine mounting heights or a hydraulic jack plate.With the aggressive trailing edge cup, it prevents excessive ventilation that is commonly associated with high mounted engines.

The TXP will help minimize the operator fatigue that’s associated with steering torque because of its advanced blade design, which features an aggressive pitch and high rake angle. So why the wait? You like to go fast. Your boat likes to go fast. TXP props like to go fast. Sounds like a perfect match to me. Go visit your local Turbo dealer and pick up one today.

Available for all V6 outboards (and Johnson®/Evinrude® V8 outboards)

  • 4.75” gearcase, 14 ¾” diameter, right-hand rotation, pitches 21”,23”,24”,25”,26”,27”,28”,29”,30”,31”,32″. Additional Hub Kit Required

* All lab finishing done in-house by BBLADES

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 8 x 17 in


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