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Terms and Conditions

Recreational and high performance boating can be dangerous or even deadly.  BBLADES customers assume full responsibility of damage or bodily injury when operating watercraft equipped with BBLADES modified propellers.  BBLADES Lab Finished propellers may or may not improve overall performance on any given watercraft application.

Custom BBLADES modified/Lab Finished propellers are void of warranty. Propeller adjustments made to BBLADES modified/Lab Finished propellers covered by BBLADES must take place within 60 days of invoice.  Lab Finished propellers ordered on line are non-returnable and non-refundable.

BBLADES Professional Propellers LLC, ships exclusively with our in house UPS terminal. Any other shipping requests by BBLADES customers must be solely arranged and instituted by the customer.

BBLADES will not be responsible for shipping outside of UPS. All shipping costs for propeller returns, adjustments or warranty are the responsibility of the customer.

Any unused / un-opened parts can be returned for a 15% restocking fee within 15 days of shipping from BBLADES.

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