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Controlled Aeration Ports

bravoOB1-500x500ventsThe Controlled Aeration Port System is a BBLADES option that allows you to “custom tune” the aeration of your propeller blades – giving you the power to adjust the holeshot of your boat.

The propeller is directly responsible for how your boat reacts while planing. CAP system allows you to adjust for changes in load and environment simply by adding or subtracting propeller vent plugs for optimum planeability.

On acceleration, exhaust is drawn out of the aeration ports.  When the propeller blades strikes this aerated water, it pushes through it much easier than it would solid water  – causing engine rpm to increase more rapidly.  Once you’re on plane, the water externally flows over the aeration ports and seals in the exhaust, allowing the propeller to again operate in solid, non-aerated water.

Just by varying the amount of aeration from the propeller ports and controlling your engine’s rpm, you can eliminate sluggish performance or compensate for changes in load and attitude when getting on plane.

BBLADES offers one size aeration holes or the custom drilled CAP System options.

  • The fee for the one size holes = $102
  • CAP system adjustable holes = $153. This option is designed for BBLADES 7/8″ hole. Available plug sizes in 9/32″, 5/8″, and 3/4″.
  • Contact BBLADES for other available options.

The plugs are sold separately for $2 per plug in BBLADES 7/8″ CAP system or Mercury Marine PVS sizes of small, medium, large and solid.

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