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A short report of the Status of the propeller that was purchased from your company –

Boat is now extremely stable at the top end of the Rev Range – 6000 Rpm

Propeller shows no signs of cavitation even under hard cornering with the motor partially Jack Up and boat trimmed out.

Pulling power is good, no problem pulling out single ski’s, as acceleration is excellent.

In trimmed out position Motor still runs to the rev limiter so we possibly could have gone to a 26” pitch- “Maybe Next Time”

I have still to fit the Nose Cone with the lower Water Pick Ups, this will allow me to run the motor slightly higher that present.

But it has been a Great Result and worth all the effort.

Thank You for your efforts and I will keep you informed of the result after I have fitted the Nose Cone.


Peter Cousins

PS – Your Propeller have cause much comment when viewed by others, so I have passed on your company details.



saris racing shot

Johnny Saris; “Here’s a testimonial from Team Saris…..if it wasn’t for Brett and his awesome propellers, we wouldn’t be World Champions. Nuff said!”

I recently purchased a Blaster 29 pitch from you based on your recommendation for my boat/engine set up as I described it to you. I just wanted to say that you hit the nail on the head with the recommendation and I have been extremely satisfied with the prop. It is running right at the correct rpm range as well as giving me more speed than i was expecting.

The prop is far and away the best that I have ever had on my boat!

Thank you very much,

Chris Allen


Just wanted to thank you for an awesome tune-up on the 24 pitch drag you
just did for me.  It now hits hard out of the hole and pulls the RPM down
perfectly to keep from blowing out the prop.  At 10,000 RPM on a worked over
260 from Jay Smith, I got 113 mph in short order.  I love this prop.

Donny Wagner

Tell Brett, Team Unleashed is #1 in the P2 class heading to the National Champion in Lake of the Ozarks. We are the points leader and the team to beat. The BBlades he made for us are running great. We will bring him another National Title after this race in the P2 class.

– Shannon Penn
Team Unleased

Hey Brett… Thanks for the labbed 26. Working good a few weeks ago when we made the Statue run.

– Morgan Haak

Just got back from IHBA opener in Phoenix and came back with a nice stone dude trophy and $1500.00

– Kevin Kraft

The Boat Ran Great!!! We almost lapped the entire P5 class. Thanks for your prompt service

– Joe Pantera
Pantera Boats

Thanks for a job well done.
– Dennis Berry

The used pair of props we sent to BBLADES could only be described as ‘battered’ at best! Every tip had been taken off. What we received back I could not even believe were the same props.. They were simply better than new. I said to Brett I presume these will only be suitable for recreational boating now but he said absolutely not, they are ready to race! And that’s exactly what we did with them, with substantial wins in both of the Powerboat P1 World Championship races in Gothenburg, Sweden. I just wish we had been using BBLADES for all our propeller requirements since the start of the season. If we had I truly believe we would be winning the championships overall right now! Team SW1 Capital has great appreciation for all the help & assistance BBLADES gave us.

– Daniel J. Cramphorn
Team SW1 Capital


Check out the attached GPS reading from 2 weeks ago heading from Old Saybrook, CT. over to LI. This was in some pretty snotty water and still more to go! I have put the boat away for this season as I have several business related weekends including SEMA in 2 weeks. My point is I still have not found the “ultimate sweet spot”. When I built the power I said the boat could run 113. Not one person believed me and said I would be lucky to tickle 100. Well, I may be off a bit, but 110 is definitely out there in no small part thanks to your awesome prop blueprinting.


Thanks again,

Herb S.

I apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner. If you recall you blueprinted a set of 16.75X31 4 blades (number 6’s) for me. We finally got the boat out several weeks ago. The props worked out fantastic. They almost feel like they are slipping in the mid range, but around 4500 they come alive. We gained the RPM we were hoping for and than some. I have picked up 7 mph……….from 98 to 105. See attached video from a poker run we did last month. This is returning from Newport, RI. Needless to say we are the boat walking away from the other 2.

Thank You,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I went W.O.T. for the first time this season (due to new engine break in)
and our boat (2010 Regal 2200, 5.7 GXI, dps drive) ran the best it every did, hit max speedo (60 mph) at 4700 rpm and max 5100 rpm at what
I’m guessing to be 65 mph. WOW! those are some pretty good #’s for a stock 22 ft bow rider.

Thanks and I’ll be referring people your way, I have an acquaintance with the same boat and setup who will be sending his props your way in the Fall.

Bob Martel

You guys recently did a 24p bravo 1 for my Baja.  all i can say is perfection.  I didn’t get much time to test but control and stability is significantly improved.  I have also picked up 4.5mph and with a longer stretch will go more..  this fall I’ll be getting you to do a new mirage+  and I’ll send you my old bravo 1 to lab like the one you just sent me……

thanks for the great work

Jarrett Gagnon
Whitby, Ontario

I would say that it has been a pleasure as well as a huge success working with you on our racing props. That makes your company an Integral part of our success in winning four races this year, including The National Championship. Thanks Bblades!

– Allen Campbell


“BBLADES- The prop has done Great since ya’ll sent it back.  My prop was labbed and worked on before I dinged it. I was under the impression after you did that you couldn’t repair and I think a lot of people are. After all that damage, I am still getting the same performance out of the same propeller!”

Thanks, James Michael Moyer

I did not know that a lab finishing could change the boat’s performance so much, I am very pleased (both increased in speed and rough water handling) with what you have done for me, both boats, and will definitely recommend your services to other people.

– Robert Abela

You guys reworked my 28P Bravo III. I am happy to report that the boat holds much better in a turn and the vibration is all but gone – much better….Great Job!

– Greg Simerman

Just wanted to give you an update on the prop I got from you guys. It’s AWESOME!!!

– Aaron Siebers

My Hats off to BBlades and Company for the outstanding work you do…Results were more than I expected but exactly what was predicted. Great doing business with you.

– Shaun Doyle

We Won!

Ran our new BBlades Props in the 40 Km Top of the River Race with a combination of male/female skiers at a top speed of 87mph, the propellers really helped the Boats Performance. Record to date, 3 Starts for 2 Wins and 2nd using BBlades Custom Propellers.

– Tony Bridson

Just tested my 21P Mirage Plus that you Labbed. Nice job, picked up a solid 2-2.5 mph on my 24′ Formula 242LS with a steadier bow. Thanks for the good work!

– Brad Vieau

Just to let you know the labbed 25P Mirage Plus you did for me is awesome. I picked up about 5 mph and dropped about 300 rpm over the stock 23P Mirage Plus. Hole shot seems equal. Thanks for being so helpful and making a very good recommendation, job well done. Pleasure doing business with you.

– Pete Ashley

I didn’t know Lab finishing could would change the boat’s performance so much. I am very pleased (both increased in speed and rough water handling) with what you have done for me, I will definitely recommend your service to other people.

– Robert Arbela

Thanks for getting the props done so quickly for us. They ran just great. Also thanks for the decals we displayed the large ones on the bow and small ones on the transom.

– Neil & Judy Rutherford

Got the prop! It looks great. Thanks for the great service. I will recommend BBlades to my boating buds.

– Patrick Berra

I got my 28p props back from you guys and had a chance to try them yesterday. WOW! 2001 Sunsation Dominator, my previous best in ideal conditions was 80. Yesterday, I had a full tank of fuel and smooth water and was running 82! Thank you guys for the great work!

– Nick Williams

We have had a big year. Record breaking wins in The Bridge to Bridge and Mildura which are two of our major races, Australian Champions, State Champions, Outright winner of the NSW Point score, Boat of the Year which means we are given the privilege of having the #1 as our race number for the next season, this is the 7th time we have held the title of “Boat of the Year.” Thank you for your support and great props!

– Greg Houston

It was a treat to have Bblades do the magic on our old beat-up props. Thanks so much for the extra touch and once we regroup you will have our business 100 percent! Thanks again!

– Lisa Matthews

Thanks again…..I wanted you to know I have posted for the 2nd time on the Crownline forums how outstanding of a company you have…..there are so many horror stories with other boaters on the forum it’s tough to find somebody like yourself. Most boaters have been mislead and even ripped off by these other company’s but I wanted to Thank you again…

– Brett Mergner

BBlades, I decided to have my prop labbed. The results were fantastic, plus I gained 6 mph. Knowledge is the key and they have it. I wouldn’t trust my prop to anyone else.

– Dave Moorhus

Thanks for doing such a great job with my Enertia prop. I originally had bad vibration with the new prop. I have finally been able to spend a day on the water with the newly balanced prop. I was running my 2000 Crownline 225BR, 350 Mag, Bravo I, 1.50 gears, full load of fuel, 3 people, full load of boat gear, with rough water and 15-20 mph cross wind. The boat ran extremely smooth. All vibration was gone. I ran 55.3 GPS. Thanks again for the great job tuning this prop. I couldn’t be happier!

– Greg Ruhl

Thanks for getting my propeller repaired in such a quick time so that we could make the Chicago Poker run. It is a pleasure seeing that kind of customer service in the marine industry. You don’t see that very often. I will continue to refer others to you! Thanks again!

– Rick Von Wald

BBLADES labbed my Bravo props, adding cup and pitch. I picked up a few miles per hour on the top-end, and amazingly the boat gets on plane easier and has a better mid-range cruise speed. I’m very happy with the end result and will highly recommend BBLADES.

– David Campbell

Got a chance to try the prop, you got the formula right for my 230SX, 385 h.p….went from 69 mph to 75 mph. Nice Father’s Day present, sweet, thanks

– Jay Fortino

I think we have a problem. I received the props and I’m sure they are not the props which I sent to you. I sent you three pieces of junk, and I received three better-than-new props…really impressed with your work.

– Dr. Robert Abela

I was able to go run the 31s over the weekend. WOW! With the addition of the Dominator carbs and your lab work, I was able to make pretty astonishing gains. Got to give 3 mph to the props and 4 mph to the carbs. Great stuff!

– Dave Gibreath


That’s why I always use your services, even though you are thousands of miles away, because you client service is second to none. Thanks

– Dr. Robert Abela

You did a blade for me a few months ago, it worked real well on my Pantera. I let my buddy try it on his Sonic for the Lake George Poker Run. He ran his best speed and planebility. Thank you very much, it’s nice to get great service. Thanks again!

– Morgan Haak

This is a late follow up, but I had to let you know how the Powerquest prop worked out.  I put the Rev 4 on my powerquest 237 before a week vacation cruising Northern Michigan.  The boat was loaded with food, fuel and gear for my wife and I and our two daughters for a week.  I never mentioned anything to my wife about the fact that I couldn’t wait to test out the prop, and I honestly thought I might have to even convince myself there would be a noticeable difference.

Ten minutes on the water and I put the boat on plane.  Man, I was more than impressed.  What a beast out of the hole—fully loaded.  My wife then said, “I can tell by the smile you like the new prop”.  Who knew she paid attention to things like that.  At cruising and slow speeds, that prop just held the boat on plane or got it back quickly, especially in rough water.  I did lose 2-3 mph from top end, but I expected that.  Bottom line:  the prop was awesome, a real workhorse just as you guys described it would be.

Thanks for all the help, advice and time you spent to set us up with a great prop for our boat.

Curt DeKam


My 30 Skater is now running a solid 102 mph with a pair of your 14.75×33 Blasters and the tireless set-up efforts done by Chris Overcamp from Bow & Stern Marine, (NY).

I was truly amazed with the improved handling in the rough stuff that Lake Erie can deliver. The added stern lift delivered a much better running attitude allowing me to push a little harder on the throttles without the bow popping up so quickly.

My first look at the props and I thought, What are these granny blades going to do on a cat? Chris told me to just try them and see how I’d like them, (he already knew they worked for speed and handling) so I did, and boy, did I become a believer! These props will definitely stay in my inventory, particularly when the Lake Erie is showing it’s little white teeth.

Ronald Pasacucci

This is Tom Berger from Traverse City, MI. Last summer you helped me out with porpping my 31 fountain cc. We went with the 4 blade O/8s and they are awesome! Just the right amount of lift and the gains are awesome from hole shot to top end. On the top I see 6 to 8 mph depending on the load I’m carrying (250 gallon fuelage) 68 – 70 mph. We tried the 22p which hit the rev limiter and went with the 24p I’m right at 5700 – 5800 rpm. It stays planted on hard turns and I couldn’t be happier with my cruise speed. I know you told me to call you back and let you know how the 24p O/8s worked out, but you’re busy and I see you on here a lot so I thought you can read this in your off time. Thanks again, you’re awesome to deal with!

Tom Berger

I sent my bravo 1 props off my 32 fountain back in February. Finally got the boat out this past weekend. I just wanted to say you guys nailed it. very impressed of the performance. Rpm drop right to 5200 and able to trim and not go over limit. She comes out of the hull even better than before and cruising at 3600 rather than 4000 before. I will most definitely will use you again for any other prop work.

Ryan Hughes


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