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Chopper II – 20-25 HP


All BBLADES lab finished propellers are satin race finished.
Some propellers are offered lab finish high polish when indicated.

This propeller is equipped with a 10 spline rubber hub.

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A new casting technique makes the Chopper II propeller more durable than ever. The new Chopper II, an improved version of the original Chopper propeller, works well on heavier boats that need bow lift. The enhanced bow lift reduces drag, increasing the efficiency of the boat and improving overall performance.

The Chopper II permits higher engine mounting on the transom for greater speed.

* All lab finishing done in-house by BBLADES

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 8 x 17 in






Please Call for Warranty Information 920-295-4435

3 reviews for Chopper II – 20-25 HP

  1. Mike


    Im searching for prop to my merc 20 hp model 200 racing engine a new stainless or brass prop.

    Perhaps you hace a prop for 8 splined shaft if not i can replace the hub from an other al prop to yours.


    • Brett

      Mike, this is the Chopper 2 we would use on 20HP Mercury outboards. It does come with a 10 spline rubber hub and would need to be changed out to 8 spline. The size of the prop is 10.375 diam. by 18 pitch.

      Thank you,

  2. Craig

    Can you please give me an indication on what you would think the diference between stock and lab finish would be on my mercury 25hp clubmans race boat. Cheers Craig

  3. Brett

    Hi Craig,

    Lab Finishing can increase rpm up to 300 additional rpm. This additional rpm is generated by thinning and matching the blade profile as well as adjusting the cups. Besides intending to gain speed, you receive better acceleration and ultra smoothness. We consider Lab Finishing as one of the most cost effective performance upgrades.

    Thank you,

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